Louis Leeman
/Shoe Designer

Louis Leeman runs luxury Footwear brand Louis Leeman, Paris

Louis Leeman runs luxury Footwear brand Louis Leeman, Paris

I think shoes are generally one of the first things you notice when you meet a person

They say a lot about you, so for me it’s really important to wear something special and to make a good impression.

We decided to create a luxury footwear brand when we noticed there was a gap in the market for the type of shoe we were looking for – something classic, with a twist. I’m inspired by so many things in my daily life, but I’d say primarily by travelling, art, music, cinema and Italian tradition.

My two favourite styles have to be boots and the classic slip-on loafer. During the winter I prefer to wear a boot, I think they go with almost everything and are perfect for the cold weather. Of course, an elegant evening shoe is timeless and something I wear for special soirée all year round.

I think there has been a real explosion in the men’s accessories world in the last 5 years. There are so many options – bags, shoes, hats, wallets, tech, even jewellery – that have not always been part of a man’s wardrobe. Men are definitely becoming more and more meticulous aesthetes and own more of everything.

For me, elegance will remain the key element of future menswear collections, it’s important to continue to develop the perfect balance between original design, timeless elegance and top-quality materials.

Louis Leeman, along with Erica Pelosini, runs LOUIS LEEMAN Paris, making high quality footwear for fashion-conscious men around the world.