Ken Ngan

Ken Ngan is a Hong Kong fashion photographer working primarily in Beijing

Ken Ngan is a Hong Kong fashion photographer working primarily in Beijing

Asian fashion will continue to grow and get the attention it deserves over the next few years.

Up and coming Chinese menswear labels are going inter-national, making a splash at fashion weeks and hitting famous select shops. In the process, they’re opening the door for Chinese fashion photography. We’re seeing more communication and collaboration than ever before.

These days, Chinese menswear designers are really demonstrating the Asian aesthetic to the rest of the world. Bold Chinese motifs are taking centre stage, often paired with an Asian silhouette and tailoring from the West. It’s a new definition of East meets West, a blending the modern and traditional.

I think men’s fashion is increasingly open-minded, multi-cultural and edgy. In my work I love mixing high-end tailoring brands with something unexpected, uniforms, streetwear, pieces inspired by different cultures – it all makes the outfit more interesting, which is essential to the whole shoot. I like to take it beyond the expected, formal aesthetic.

Who knows where the future of menswear is going? Maybe back to basics? I think we are seeing a shift in focus towards more humanity and honesty. I hope people stop consuming fashion according to what is dictated by a particular style or trend, and instead express themselves and their individuality.

Ken Ngan is a Hong Kong fashion photographer. Working primarily in Beijing, he’s known for collaborating with exciting emerging fashion labels