Jacques Azagury
/Fragrance Maker 

Jacques Azagury is a fragrance maker.

Jacques Azagury is a fragrance maker.

Choosing what fragrance to wear is the final and crucial detail to the process of dressing; as important as selecting a pair of shoes

I have always wanted to be involved in creating beauty. I first designed a fashion collection for Browns while still at Saint Martin’s. Over thirty years later, I’ve watched my brand grow to what it is today. My foray into fragrance-making is a natural extension of the philosophy that underpins my brand.

I am influenced by everything around me, but most particularly art. My tastes vary – I love the colours of Rothco, Howard Hodgkins and the form of Anthony Gormley. There is something about each artist’s powerful, yet minimalist approach. In line with this, I developed my fragrances to be a visual suggestion as opposed to a verbal statement or just a scent.

I believe the concept of scent to be genderless. Today men are much more at ease with defining their own style, they are aware of trends, yet they each interpret them differently. There isn’t so much societal conformity among menfolk, which makes life more interesting.

JACQUES AZAGURY is a fragrance maker he believes that a design ideal is symbiotic in many different aspects and he carries his ideals of clean, pure, unfussy lines to whatever he develops. His new line of fragrances reflect the philosophy of his brand, symbolising style, seduction and sophistication.