Tim Labenda
/Menswear Designer

Tim Labenda is a Menswear Designer. Photograph Marie Schmidt

Tim Labenda is a Menswear Designer. Photograph Marie Schmidt

Sexuality inspires all my work, because in part, we all dress ourselves to be more attractive to other men, or women, or both

But it can go deeper than that. My last collection dealt with the theme of having sex with another man for the first time. For some it’s a big deal, others feel weird about it; or happy; or disappointed. I heard from heterosexual boys who wanted to discover the complete range of sexuality; some decided to stay with women, some discovered that they are more turned on by men; others didn’t see a difference – what’s clear is that men of the new generation are getting more confident with their sexuality, and with that, themselves.

This is a time where men seem more confident to experiment, so it makes it easier to convince them to try new things. I like to play with cutting details, independent materials and modern silhouettes.

Humanity is my inspiration. My new collection, “Nachtwandler” (Sleepwalker), reflects the contrast between an energetic lifestyle and the possibility of deceleration. Living in urbanity is very intense, so I really want to give the Tim Labenda guy some kind of “time out” whilst wearing my collection.

TIM LABENDA discovered his deep desire for fashion from a very early age. Fast forward a few years and with some hard graft, he’s developed his own soon-to-be-big label, mentored by Johann Stockhammer of Aigner.